Monday, May 5, 2014

Too Little Time!

I apologize. This letter will be a bit on the shorter side, and to make it worse, I didn't take a single picture this week. Well besides the ones on here... So I guess I took a few. I will do better next week! There is just not enough time on Pdays! Not enough time in 18 months to do all that we need to do! Not enough time to plan, to think, to sleep! Haha time needs to SLOW DOWN. Or pause for a second. That would be nice too.

This was a weird 7 days. On Monday and Tuesday, Sister Major and I spent most of our time visiting as many people as we could so that she could say goodbye. It was busy! But also nice to see everyone all in
one little space of time. Wednesday was transfers! Disastrous. This is how we felt about it on the way there:

We saw everyone at transfers, I met my new companion Sister Rasmussen, said goodbye to Sister Major and we left. It was weird because I was driving all of a sudden and I loved it! Haha we got home alright. Went shopping, got unpacked and all is well. It was strangely difficult to say goodbye to Sister Major. She is amazing, and I am so grateful that she was my trainer. I love her so much!

"Final Goodbyes... :("
Things are super different without her... Sister Rasmussen likes to do things very differently. Sister Major and I had a system going, but so did Sister Rasmussen in her last area and things were going super well up there, so I think she is just adjusting to a new area and learning how to fellowship the members all over again. This is only her second area, so she is still trying to adjust. We have struggled, but we are communicating and making things work. It is something we will have to work on the entire transfer, but there is definitely something special about this companionship that is going to emerge at some point in the next six weeks. I can't wait to see it. :)

Me and my new companion - Sister Rasmussen.
I have bad news and good news. Bad first. While we were at a lesson with Tony, he was staring at my forehead and I was ultra confused... So I stopped talking and he reached his hand up to my head, and plucked out a white hair. WHITE. I'm apparently a grandma all of a sudden. The good news, and this is WONDERFUL news, is that Elizabeth came to church yesterday! She got a blessing on Monday or Tuesday night, and since then she has decided to come back!!! :') I am so happy! I knew it would be okay! She has an interview set up for tomorrow night with the Bishop to get her temple recommend. Oh man. Life is good.

I apologize again for the lack of content in this email, but I promise I will do better next time! I love my mission, I love this Gospel, and I love YOU! Have a phenomenal week! I'm so excited to see the fam on
Sunday for Mother's Day Skyping! Haha! TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!


Sister Guilott

p.s. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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