Monday, March 31, 2014

Too Much To Tell!

Hello there everyone. This was such a good week! We did plenty of things every day, remaining very busy Sisters at all times! It's a tad exhausting, but very good! The title of this post is because so many things happened this week, but I don't have enough time to tell you everything in detail! I'll give brief little explanations about a few of the many events that took place.

On Tuesday night, we had a beautiful lesson with the Rodriguez family, to which we brought Sister Taylor (our Missions Mom) with us! It was a phenomenal lesson, Josè even said he knows that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God! They don't want to be baptized, but they have such faith and such good genuine hearts! We love them dearly. We saw them twice this week because we went over after the General Women's Broadcast on Saturday night. They really are such a good family. We will be the best of friends forever, I know it.

Sister Taylor stayed with us after the Rodriguez's appointment to observe our planning.
She's a wonderful lady!
Tracting this week was great. We didn't get to do it very much because we were so booked with lessons! A couple good tracting stories though: one door we knocked on took a minute to answer the door and when they did, there was a 20 something year old Italian boy with a lovely accent, and he was shirtless. It took us both a minute before we could say anything, and we sounded confused and weird when we finally introduced ourselves. A few houses down and a couple days later we went to contact a woman we tracted into on shirtless Italian boy day, and a woman from Peru answered the door, only knowing how to speak Spanish. Suddenly, I could recall almost everything I learned in Spanish class (which I haven't used since taking Spanish tests), and spoke in Spanish to this lady about the Gospel! The gift of tongues is real, my friends. We got a return appointment and promised we would bring a translator who could go into more detail with her. It was awesome!

One night, we were at Peggy's house, who we love and adore, and she told us about her Atheist view on things and that she didn't want us to teach her the lessons because it "makes [her] sad to see such beautiful bright young ladies teaching things like this." It broke our hearts. She used to know God, and now she denies Him. I thought about being a parent and having one of my children not being able to recognize me as their parent and caregiver, and it made me so sad for Heavenly Father who has billions of children like that! :( The next day was the Women's Broadcast and it was PERFECT. Everything that was said was exactly for me. I love how that always seems to happen. If you didn't get a chance to watch the broadcast, go to immediately and watch it. It truly was beautiful.

We found a few new investigator this week: Bob, Taylor, two Philippino gentlemen who's names I can't pronounce, and the Peruvian lady named Mercedes and her daughter. The Philippino guys may need a translator, but we haven't found one yet, so we might end up asking friends from home who speak Tagalog to FaceTime a few lessons with us so they can translate. Pretty cool, eh?

Guess what. I had venison for the first time for dinner on Sunday. It was... Well I'm not going to be eating it again. I'm SOOOOO glad I don't hunt. It was bearable, just not something I would ever choose to eat. I think I'll stick with my Louisiana Chicken from Popeyes for now. :P

We had some good experiences this week with people saying things like, "I don't belong to any church because they all believe that if you're not a member of their church you are going to Hell," and "I stopped going to church because the doctrine changed from 'we are all brothers and sisters and should love each other for who we are' to 'get out there and convert so that you can accept others!'" Well guess what. We don't believe that you are going to Hell if you're not a member of the church. And we do believe in loving everyone because they are your brothers and sisters. There were SO many situations like that this week where we got to give people an answer that meant something to them. I'm excited to go back and have more lessons with those people.

We got to do some great service this week too! We painted a room for a member's wife! She's not a member, but is the absolute nicest lady ever! Take a little looksy:


Getting there!
It was so much fun! We sure love painting! It took us about 5 and a half hours to paint the room, but it was worth it. Everyone find a way to serve somebody else this week! It's so rewarding! I'm sorry this email is brief, but I promise I'll do better next week! Miraculous things are happening in our little ward of Lacamas Creek! I will continue to pray for you! I love you!

Love Always,

Sister Guilott

Monday, March 24, 2014

Great Food and Five New

привет! (Russian) ສະ​ບາຍ​ດີ (Lao)

That means hello! Those are the two languages I am currently learning.  There are so many Russian people here, we should have a set of Russian
missionaries that cover the whole mission. That'd be nice. There
aren't many Lao people here, just this one lady in our ward named Sam
Bassas who is from Laous and always makes the best food for us! She
introduced Rambutan's to me yesterday, and I'm in love. They're more
of a Hawaiian fruit, but you can only get them from the Asian market
in Portland. Phooey. But Sam said she'd continue to get me some. I'll
just pay her for them because they are a Celestial fruit.

They're funny looking, but oh so good!
Another Lao dessert: kao-nam nab.  It's delicious and straight from Sister Bassas' aunt in Laous!
This week was really good. Except for one thing... On Tuesday, we got
a text from a recent new investigator (Karen) saying she was no longer
interested in investigating the church. We were sad, but we know that
she is at least doing better now that she has a Book of Mormon. She
was SO interested when we visited her, but as soon as her husband knew
we were teaching her, she mysteriously had no interest anymore... A
little suspicious, but what can ya do? Hopefully she will find a way
back to it eventually.

Other than that, everything was wonderful! We had some good tracting
experiences this week! We always do. :) Sister Major and I REALLY like
tracting and finding. We met a very nice and very chatty old man named
Dick who "wasn't interested," but said we could come back anytime to
talk about history. Perfect! There's always a way to talk about the
Gospel in a way that will catch people's individual interests. We
won't count him as a new investigator until he allows us to teach him,
but still. It was a wonderful visit. We also met a woman named Tracy,
who is very Lutheran but so so nice! We told her that she is very
nice, and even though she's not interested in the Gospel, we would
like to practice teaching the lessons and she would be the perfect
person to "practice" on because she is so kind. She said she would be
more than happy to help us out. :P So there's one new investigator! A
second new investigator is named Nancy. She is the sister in law of a
sweet sister from Taiwan in the ward who we had dinner with. We
weren't sure if she was religious, but by the end of dinner we were
made aware that she is Buddhist but looking around. We taught her a
brief lesson, gave her a Book of Mormon, and planned to meet with her
again. She was so sweet! On Thursday, only two doors opened, and those
two doors resulted in three new investigators!!! Three! The first was
a man named Kevin who was very receptive of a brief doorstep lesson,
accepted a Book of Mormon, and made a return appointment with us. 
We could tell that he has a very gentle soul. We look forward to teaching
him. The second door was a woman named Peggy who invited us right into her home and startingtalking about our mission. She knew so much,   we were genuinely worried that she was a memberof the ward that we     didn't recognize... 
Sister Major finally said to her, "You seem to
know a lot about LDS Missions..." And then paused, and Peggy went on
to tell us that she had a lot of LDS friends who had kids on missions
and she knew a lot, but that she herself didn't believe in God. We had
been talking to her for about 15 minutes when someone knocked on the
door. It was a 20 year old boy named Zach who was there to fix Peggy's
car. He was very sweet, and he sat there while we talked about the
Gospel. As we stood up to leave, they both gave us their phone numbers
and asked if we could come back and talk to the both of them again.
Turns out Zach lives in our ward boundaries too! That means this week
we got a grand total of 5 New Investigators! It's amazing to see the
blessings that Heavenly Father gives for working hard and working
faithfully, knowing that if we do our best, He will take care of the
rest. I've probably said that a lot... That phrase has sort of become
my motto:

"Do your best and The Lord will do the rest!"
I live by it because I know that my best might be less than somebody else's best, but MY best is all The Lord asks of me. He promises that I will be blessed and that I will be successful if I do my best. I LOVE being able to see the ways that The Lord is keeping His side of that promise, as I constantly am trying to do my part.
On Wednesday we got to go the ward Young Women's activity about
Missionary work and talk to the girls for a minute about serving
missions. The activity was cool. They gave everyone a mission call,
companion, and picture with the MTC map, and had them go learn about
the place they were being sent. It was clever.

On Saturday we did service by washing Marjorie's cars, including her
dusty old 1969 Chevy Camaro. It was beautiful. We took it for a spin
to get some milkshakes after it was all cleaned up and boy did that
engine sound amazing! Dad is probably super jealous. That's okay
because he has his own new car. ;)

I am so grateful for being able to stay in this area with my wonderful
companion. We really truly are teaching each other new things every
day, and we have really been able to teach very well together. There
are many different ways that we communicate with our investigators and
are able to portray God's message, and there are definitely people
that I can't touch that she can, and vise versa. It has been extremely
beneficial for the two of us to learn from each other and help guide
each other when it comes to how people receive our message and will
actually listen. Does that make sense? I'm not always very good with
words... But yeah. I'm grateful for her and for the Lacamas Creek
ward. :)

This week was terrific, and we are planning on next week being even
better! As long as we continue to put in the effort, The Lord will
continue to provide ways for us to find and teach. I'm grateful for
this great and marvelous latter day work, and I couldn't be happier to
be a part of it! I love you all and pray for you daily!

Love Always,

Sister Nicole Guilott

"Celebrating Sister Major's 6 month mark with Flash Freeze ice cream!"

Doing "service" by helping sample a members shellac nail polish. ;)

I found a Kingdom Hearts Keyblade!

Monday, March 17, 2014

I Love the Spirit!

What a glorious week this has been! Filled with so many miracles and countless blessings! Last Monday, we went shopping with Elizabeth to get her a new skirt and shirt to wear at her baptism on Saturday! We were successful, and we all ended up purchasing one thing or another for ourselves. :P Remember how I hate shopping? Well that has changed. Shopping is incredibly fun all of a sudden. Haha!

Sister Major and I were oh so worried about receiving the mail on Friday, for that was the day of transfer letters... We opened the mailbox, shuffled through the mail, and to our delight we didn't have a single letter for either of us!!! It was the only day that we were actually excited to not get any mail. We are staying here in Lacamas Creek together for at least another 6 weeks! Everybody celebrate! I cannot even begin to explain how happy we are that we are staying here in Lacamas Creek. I would have been thoroughly upset if I had to have two different trainers. After this next transfer, I'll be done training! I'll no longer be a Greenie! Isn't that wonderful? I think so.

This week, at a members house for dinner, we talked about Disney. No surprise there. They said they had this fun game called "Headbands" that I had never heard of, so we played it and turned it into a lesson. :) It was wonderful. There was one round where I had Maleficent!!! I was very excited. In case you can't tell.

We got a grand total of 30 lessons taught this week! It was a great week full of teaching. We brought a lovely girl from Colorado, who was visiting family in the stake, with us to a few appointments this week to prepare her for her own mission coming up in a few months. She will be a wonderful missionary. We also exceeded all of the "Standard of Excellence" goals for the mission this week. That was nice. On Saturday, President Taylor challenged everyone in the mission to find 2 new investigators by the next night. Freaked everyone out for a minute, but then we were all very excited about it and ready to go to work! We found our 2 (actually 3) new investigators on Sunday night. One was a potential who had asked us to come back another time, and the other was also a potential, but she had a friend over who was interested as well! Miracles happen my friends, miracles happen.

The absolute best part of this week was by far Elizabeth's baptism and confirmation. I have felt the Spirit plenty of times in my life, but WOW! The feeling of the Spirit was a zillion times stronger at her baptism! It was one of those rare occasions where you feel like you could almost touch it. Or cut right through it! It flooded the room so quickly, and everyone there could feel the intense strength the Spirit had as Elizabeth was baptized and washed clean.

Elizabeth has such a sweet heart, and you could physically see the difference in her eyes after she was baptized. Her confirmation the next day had the same effect. She was nervous to be in front of people, but glowing with happiness after she received the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. We are so proud of her, and so grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost and the strength that it brings us. We are all floating on cloud 9 this week as we were able to witness this beautiful experience. I am grateful that God finds ways to remind me every day of His glory, His mercy, and His love. I love my mission!

Love Always,

Sister Guilott

Monday, March 10, 2014

Time is FLYING!

I know that most of you are probably thinking, "You've only been out a month and a half, time can't be flying yet!" But it really is! This last week went by SOOOO fast! It was great that it started with Mardigras! We had a District Meeting on Tuesday, and since it was Fat Tuesday, we didn't hesitate to eat a lot for lunch that day. The majority of us went to Popeyes since it was the only New Orleans food that we could think of. The lady behind the counter wasn't very enthusiastic when I said, "Happy Mardigras!" though. It was sad. But the chicken was yummy!

Looks good right? It was! On Wednesday we went on exchanges with the STL's. It was my first time on exchanges, and I guess you could say that I do not look forward to going on them again. I mean, it was fine. I stayed in Lacamas Creek so I got to drive! That was nice. I made sure I had back up plans for my back up to my back up plans. I was ready to go! Good thing too, because a lot of the people we contacted couldn't meet with us for very long, so we were always going to visit my back up people. We talked to just about everybody on my list and got return appointments with every single one of them! A lot of them committed to come to church (mostly because I reminded them all that Sister Major and I were singing in Sacrament Meeting, but still), and all of them were excited to meet with us again. I felt like we were doing awesome! However, as we were driving back to the STL's area to make the companion switch, she gave me my "exchange evaluation," and though I felt we had done GREAT that day, she made it sound like I was doing everything wrong and was a terrible missionary. I just sat and listened, trying to focus on the road and not cry, and by the time we got back to her area, she remembered that I'm a new missionary and that this was my first exchange. She said, "Oh! Yeah, that makes much more sense... In that case, you're doing great!" That didn't really help a lot, but I guess it made it better that I'm still a Greenie? Anyway, the advice she gave me overall made me upset because she made it sound like she wanted me to be a robot missionary, which I will not become. People relate to people, not robots. If we weren't having any success in our area, I might take her advice and go more on the robot side, but Lacamas Creek is definitely growing in teaching pool and in success, so we're gonna stick with what we are doing. :) It only effected me for a short amount of time, we were golden again and ready to work by the time we went to bed that night.

"Hazelnut milkshakes from Burgerville. Celestial my friends. Too good."

We met some really wonderful people while we were tracting this week. In one neighborhood, we had a good amount of people laugh at us and close the door, but a good four houses in a row allowed us to teach a
short lesson on the doorstep, place a Book of Mormon, and make a return appointment with them. One in particular is named Karen. She was soft and gentle when she opened the door. We could tell she was feeling tender and has a soft heart that has been prepared for the Gospel as soon as she opened the door. As we started to share what we are here to do and teach, she got teary and we knew that teaching her would be absolutely wonderful! She is ready for the message the Lord has for her, and we are so excited to go back and start teaching her! She has two 8 year old daughters and they are the cutest little things! I haven't stopped thinking about Karen since we met her, I'm so excited to see her again.

Another person in that neighborhood that let us teach a bit was Sam. We pulled up in the neighborhood, and she was saying goodbye to her boyfriend out by his car. They kissed a lot (Gasp! A missionary witnessed kissing? What is this?), said goodbye, and he got into his homemade car, revved the engine a lot, and drove away. We waited till he was gone to start getting out of our car and approaching Sam, but he came back around the other corner, parked in her driveway and went up to the door. We walked over toward him as he was leaving again, and I told him he had a beautiful car. I asked him how long it took to fix it up, how much it cost, etc. and he opened up immediately. To switch things up, I had been talking in an English accent... I didn't realize I was still doing it when I was talking to them! We talked for about 10 minutes to the both of them (Sam had come back outside, and the boyfriend's name is Benny. The Car's name is Susanna), and set up a return appointment! We were so excited, but I was so embarrassed! Next time I'm gonna have to talk in the accent again! We told Bonnie and Elizabeth, and they said to just slowly wean off of the accent... Haha! I guess we'll just have to see how it goes. :P

"We helped Sister Shoemaker put together little handouts to help the ward get excited
about the Ward Mission Plan! Every member a missionary!"

We attended a baptism with Elizabeth on Saturday to prepare her for her own baptism coming up on March 15 (this Saturday!) at 4 o'clock. She is so ready! I love her so much. She has really been able to feel the love that her Heavenly Father has for her, and she has been strong enough to overcome the things that Satan has been consistently throwing at her. He's been working especially hard on her these past couple weeks since we told her to pray about a date, but she has remained strong and will continue to be that way throughout her life. She's a wonderful wonderful woman, and we know that she understands the covenant that she is about to make, and that she is ready for it. Ah! I love this! The baptism was a really good experience, and a good way to teach her more about what will be happening for her on Saturday. She is so excited to be baptized, and we are stoked too! In case I haven't said that enough times yet... WE'RE SO EXCITED!!!

Yesterday was a beautiful Sabbath. President and Sister Taylor came and spoke in our ward, Sister Major and I sang while our dear Marjorie Wallace accompanied us, Elizabeth made sure I knew I was singing at her baptism, and everyone was just wonderful. The members here are incredible, and I am so grateful for them! I am grateful that we don't have to be nervous to have Elizabeth baptized into this ward; she will
be well taken care of and the members will continue to love her and serve her.

Sister Major has a beautiful CD that she made before coming out here by the way. If you can get a hold of one somehow, do it. She's amazing. I am continually grateful for her and her example, and we are nervous as can be for transfers next week! We cannot split yet! Pray that we will stay together for at least one more transfer. We sure have been praying fervently for it!

"Playing Rummikub with Sister Debenham for family home evening!"

This week was wonderful. I'm grateful for the trials that came, and the better missionary I am because of them. Every trial helps us to grow, and I can personally testify that my trials are doing just that. I am continually learning so much from myself, my companion, the members, the investigators, President, other missionaries, and simply everyone I meet! I'm so grateful for this opportunity to serve. I couldn't be happier than I am right now. Well... I guess God can prove me wrong. I am happier and happier each day, especially after I am tried. It is only after we see sorrow that we can truly recognize genuine happiness. I love these people, I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father, I love the Holy Ghost, and I love Lacamas Creek. This week is going to be even better and I can not wait to see what The Lord has in store. I'll let you know next week!

Love Always,

Sister Guilott

Take a look at the beautiful Vancouver!


"Getting ready to tract in the rain!"

"What missionaries do for fun in Vancouver. Might as well add to constantly wet!!!!" 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Ups and Downs

Hello world! This has been quite the week. Filled with blessings, happiness, and recognition of God's hand. Along with all of that though, there have been a few disappointing instances as well.

Before I get into my week, however, I'd like to acknowledge what happened last week. I'm sure most of you, if not all of you, know by now about the tragedy of the Parrish family. Sister Parrish was in my mission, and getting the text saying, "Please keep Sister Parrish in your prayers; she just found out that her parents and two younger siblings have passed away from carbon monoxide poisoning," was devastating. All of us in the mission felt for her and wanted to do everything we could to help her feel peace, but there is only so much we could do. Prayer was the most that we could do for her at that time. Since then, she has returned home and is now with her brother who was also on a mission in South Dakota. They are so strong! For zone conference on Thursday, President and Sister Taylor talked a little bit about it and shared some things with us that Sister Parrish wanted to be shared. She actually wanted to stay until after zone conference, but they insisted that she go home. She shared with us this painting called "Compassionate Christ," along with a little excerpt from the artist.

This was the artist's take on the painting:

"Painting a portrait of our Savior that would be universally meaningful, conveying His ultimate compassion, has been my desire as long as I can remember. A friend of mine shared a scene from a film that I found especially touching and inspiring.

'Jesus, as a grown man, sees His mother, Mary, sitting in a softly lit room. He kneels at her feet looking up into her eyes as He once did when He was young. In essence, He tries to find the right words to say as His mind is reminiscent of the many experiences they have shared as mother and son. He then tells her, "My time has come and is at hand." Mary questions what He means to which He responds, "On the morrow they come for me." Through her concerned expression she reminds Him, "Oh Jesus, you have the power to save yourself." Then with the most tender feelings, considering the magnitude of His Atonement which is soon to commence, He says, "Mother, it is for this purpose I have come into the world." 
A realization overcomes Mary and she wonders if this may be the last time she will see Him alive. As tears fill her eyes she reaches out one last time to stroke her son's hair and to gaze upon Him as she once did when He was a child. His compassion toward His mother, as well as every soul in the world, radiates from His countenance as He willingly fulfills the purpose of His life.'

In the original portrait, every eye color in the world is painted into Christ's eyes. I included blue, green, hazel, amber, brown, black, etc. so that every viewer could see his or her own eyes reflected in
the Savior's eyes, that they might feel his very personal love and compassion for each individual on Earth. The painting was completed a month after my father passed away. My 9 year old twin daughter also passed away several years earlier. I thought of all the relatives and ancestors who have gone before me and I like to believe my loved ones helped influence this version of our Savior. He is real. He lives. His arms are open wide to encircle and embrace us as we experience the love of a very caring and Compassionate Christ."      
-Kendra Parrish Burton

Sister Parrish is such a wonderful example of strength, we can all learn something from her. She knows her Savior has compassion for her and that He understands what she is feeling and what she is going through right now. It's such a comfort to know that families can be together for time and all eternity. This life is just the beginning.What a comfort for her to know that her family is able to still be with her right now while she goes through life, and that they will be waiting to embrace her again, just after the Savior will welcome her home. I love this Gospel with all my heart, and I am so grateful for the Plan of Salvation. My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with Sister Parrish and her family as they press on through this trying time.

This trial I have seen Sister Parrish go through has helped me to better recognize the things which I am grateful for. This week has proved to be wonderful, yet trying. There were two slammed doors while
tracting, they were my first. The first was a doorway that was such a tight squeeze to get to the door that Sister Major and I were shoulder to shoulder. It was night time, and we easily could have been assaulted in that doorway and no one would know. An old man answered and pointed angrily to his "no soliciting" sign, to which I replied, "Oh, we're not solicitors." He didn't like that. He yelled, "YES YOU ARE! GOODBYE," and slammed the door. Because of the teeny doorway, the force of the slam sort of knocked us both backwards. We giggled about it. Then, three doors after that, the EXACT same doorway entry, a man opened the door, yelled, "WHO ARE YOU?!" We thought he was teasing so we giggled and said, "Missionaries! For the Church of Jesus Christ of La..." And he interrupted and yelled, "WE DON'T WANT YOU!" and slammed the door. We fell backward a bit in his tiny entryway too. What a lovely night for tracting. I am grateful for tracting. For the slammed doors and the friendly people who either accept our message or politely excuse it.

I am grateful for the opossums that are everywhere. That they always provide us with a wonderful excuse to quote the lovely movie, The Princess Bride, and discuss whether or not we believe in "ROUS's." :) Seriously though. Opossums. EVERYWHERE. Literally.

I am grateful for new investigators (we had 2 this week: Ava and JC), and for people who keep their appointments with us. We went back for an appointment we had made with a potential investigator named Joel, who we were hoping would become an investigator, but the gate to get into his courtyard that led to the front door was locked! They were all home! We could see them through the windows. Joel had made an appointment with us, and he locked us out. So yes, I am grateful for the appointments that DON'T bail.

I am grateful for iPad mini's. This means that instead of going to the library and getting all dolled up for Pday, I can simply sit in my bed in my pajamas and write my emails and letters. Pants are joyous.
Skirts are great! But it's nice to wear sweats every once in a while. iPads are also good for teaching. They have such wonderful tools on them! Our area book, daily and weekly goals, planner, and so much more are on it! I love it. I'm VERY grateful for iPads.

I am grateful for zone leaders that make mistakes. They humble me and help me to practice patience. A couple weeks ago they texted us and informed us that Friday the 28th, there would be a baptism, and
encouraged us to bring our investigators. We were stoked because Elizabeth has committed to be baptized on March 15th, and she wanted to attend a baptism before hand so she could see what it is like. We had a wonderful lesson prior to the baptism, answering questions she had, and starting to teach the commandments a little bit before we went to the actual baptism. We showed up at the church for the baptism, and NO ONE was there. Not a soul. The church was locked and everything. We called our zone leaders and they said, "Oh yeah, his baptism was cancelled like a week ago, we thought everybody just knew that...?" We went a little bit crazy. There is another baptism this upcoming Saturday, so all is well, but Sister Major and I were sure tested on Friday. We wanted to flip out and yell at the zone leaders for being careless enough to NOT tell us that the baptism they told us to bring investigators to was cancelled, but instead we told them that we forgave them and that we look forward to next week. We will have another great lesson with Elizabeth, and this baptism will be the one she is supposed to attend. I'm grateful for humility and patience. Two traits that we obviously needed to be reminded of this week.

Funny story, one guy we tracted into on Saturday said that he didn't like the Mormon religion because "babies" pass the sacrament. We kinda got a kick out of that. We're going back this week to explain the
priesthood and that they are NOT "babies." Hahaha

To close this letter, I'd like to share a scripture that Sister Parrish wanted to be shred with us missionaries in her mission: D&C15:6. It's says, "And now, behold, I say unto you, that the thing which will be of the most worth unto you will be to declare repentance unto this people, that you may bring souls unto me, that you may rest with them in the kingdom of my Father. Amen."  I took from this that what I am doing right now, serving a mission, is the best thing I could be doing at this point of life, and I can see that so clearly! I am reassured every day by either the small acts of others, the progress that people are making, or simply the fact that I am so incredibly HAPPY, that this is what I am supposed to be doing. I love serving The Lord with all my heart, and I know that I, along with my friends and family, am being blessed for my service. I can not wait to see with an eternal perspective so that I can better see how my time as The Lord's instrument has effected His plan. I love this Gospel and I love my mission! I love you too! Talk to ya next week!


Sister Guilott