Monday, November 24, 2014

Gratitude for Grace

Unfortunately, I have close to absolutely zero time to write my email today because we went to the Ape Caves and it took a lot longer than anticipated. But that is okay! I will do my best to sum up my week Thanksgiving style. :) 

I am first and foremost grateful for the temple. The feeling of peace that I have each time I attend is perfect and serene, but this time was exceptional. We went through the temple with Brother Wilson, the recently returned member of the church, for his first time, and I felt so much love it was pouring out of my eyes in the form of water! The love God has for His children is unimaginable, yet there are times when we are able to get a teensy tiny taste of how He feels for us, and this temple trip was one of those times. I know Brother Wilson is so so loved by his Heavenly Father, and I know that I am as well. I am so grateful for the temple and the overpowering feelings of love I am able to feel for others as well as what God feels for me. 
"He ran off before we could take a picture with him."

I am grateful for Bible Study and for the miracles it has brought us in our teachings. We were able to teach two of the attendees outside of our Bible Study class, and miracles happened. One woman testified of the truthfulness of what we were teaching to the other woman when she doubted or questioned things. It was amazing!!! I have never had that happen before, especially on the first lesson! 

I'm grateful for the influence of other missionaries. We had a wonderful zone meeting this week that taught us both quite a bit! The testimonies of fellow missionaries are so powerful and I always learn something knew when I hear them testify. 

I'm grateful for Sister Borchardt. We did NOT get our transfer letters, which means we are both staying here until January. :) I am very happy about that, and ultra grateful! 

I am grateful for investigators with motivation. We brought up baptism to Erica again, and suggested December, but her response was, "I have been thinking a lot about this, and I feel really good about January 24th." So that is that! She felt inspired, and I am grateful to see God touching the hearts of the people we teach. 

I'm grateful for chickens. :P We rescued one this week! I'm very glad we were able to save one of the 7 from a terrible death. 

I am grateful for family. I miss you all very much, particularly this holiday season. I am grateful to know that because we were sealed in the temple, we will be family for eternity. :) I love you. 

Sorry this is short, but I gotta get out there and get working! Everyone remember to be grateful and gives thanks to God for the blessing He gives you. I know I will be doing my best to focus on those things this week, especially Thursday as I feast! ;) Talk to you next week!

Love Always,

Sister Guilott

The full chicken story:

The past couple of days, Brother Roniger has been finding feathers and chicken carcasses either in the coop or out in the garden, and several chickens have gone missing. He started out with 7, and by last night he only had 2 left... He kept asking us if we had heard the chickens screaming ever, but we are hardly ever home, so our answer was no. However, Saturday morning, I woke up because chickens were screaming in my dream and I realized it wasn't a dream! I woke up at about 5:30 and said, "Sister! The chickens!" We sat there listening to the last of the screams and it went quiet... We thought for sure they were both gone and it was too late... But alas, 10 minutes later there were more screams and we knew whoever the murderer was, they were back to finish the last of the chickens! So we grabbed our flashlight and went out to the backyard. Sister Borchardt was scared, so I took the flashlight and stood on the pool deck, pointing the flashlight into the coop and yelling, "Hey! Get out of there! Leave them alone!" When I shined the light and yelled at the murderer, 3 sets of yellow eyes looked right at my light and glowed in the dark. I yelled again, and they ran away from the last chicken, out of the coop, and into the trees. They were 3 HUGE raccoons! Evil little things with their beady bloodthirsty eyes! They left, and by that time, Sister Borchardt had gotten Brother Roniger, who came out with a brighter light and checked the coop. They were gone by then, but he couldn't find the other chicken... So he took the remaining chicken and put her in the greenhouse until he could get up and fix the coop. Later in the morning he found the remains of the other chicken. Those raccoons were very thorough! All that was left was the legs and backbone and some feathers. Poor chickens... Anyway, that was my heroic story for the week. :P The chicken will be finding a new home so Brother Roniger can make the coop more coon-proof and buy new chicks in the Spring. 

Also, here are some Ape Cave pictures from today:

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