Monday, April 21, 2014

Miracles and Tragedies

This week was a little bit of everything. We had Stake Conference this weekend which was GREAT!!! Elder Bussey of the Seventy came and spoke to our Stake, and everything he had to say was brilliant. Two of my favorite things he said were, "God said, 'I will hasten my work in it's time.' Brothers and Sisters, IT'S TIME!!!" And "The Lord doesn't bet on failure. He will see His work through to a successful completion!" I love thinking about the fact that now is the time, God has hastened His work, and I get to be one of the 85,000 missionaries out helping Him hasten it! It's hard work, but it is worth it all. God doesn't bet on failure. He will not send His missionaries out there only for them to fail, just as He won't allow you to feel the Spirit if it is not the right place for you to be. I'm not sure that makes sense... Maybe it will come together more as I finish this email.

We have been encouraged to take more investigators on church tours so that they can understand what we do at church, why it is so big, etc. and this week we did really well! We took 3 investigators on a church
tour! Zach and his girlfriend Marita came with us and Brother Goulding came as a member to be present for the lesson. It went really well! Brother Goulding bore beautiful testimony and helped to explain the different functions of the church. It was great! We also had a tour with Tony. Brother Shoemaker came with us for that one, and when we got to the Relief Society Room where the baptismal font is, we testified of baptism and Tony agreed to be baptized on May 3rd! We are so excited. He still has lots to learn, but having a date set will help him to better prepare and to learn more. It was a good miracle.:) There were a few more good ones, but it am running out of time to write this email... So maybe next time.

On Saturday, we got to go help one of our teenage investigators, Sam, get ready for prom. I did her hair and makeup, and we even got a few spiritual messages in there while we prepped her! We shared the Mormon
Message about the guy who goes on a cruise and because he doesn't want to spend money, doesn't partake of any of the wonderful things that he didn't know we're provided with the purchase of his ticket. It was good. :) I love Mormon Messages, and it was an Uctdorf talk to boot!

The tragedy that happened this week involves our sweet Elizabeth who was baptized a few weeks ago. She decided she is not coming back to the church. We aren't sure exactly what happened, but we know that other people, probably her family, were railing on the church and feeding her false information about the church that she took as truth and decided not to ask us to clarify. We are heart broken... She is such a good woman who had such a strong testimony! We are confused and frustrated. But it's in God's hands now. We will continue to love her and communicate with her, but there is only so much that we can do.

I have thought so much about my Savior this week, and the amazing things He does for me. His resurrection is another beautiful miracle that we all get to experience because of Him. #BecauseofHim.

I am so grateful that He knows how I am feeling at all times and that He suffered what He did so that I could live again with Him, even though I would never wish that on anyone. What a sacrifice he made! I love my Savior! He is there. He is real. He loves me and He loves you. If you have EVER felt His love or the spirit manifest to you that this gospel is true, HOLD ON TO IT. Do not let it go for anything. He will always be with you no matter what decisions you are making, but He will remain CLOSER to you as you choose to accept Him. Please allow Him to love you. Allow Him to teach you. And allow Him to teach others THROUGH you. I know that as you do this, you will feel of His love and will be able to set an example for those who need to recognize Christ. I hope you had an Excellent Easter!


Sister Nicole Guilott

P.S. Another happy thing: I got a letter from Hilary Weeks! She listened to my CD and thanked me for my testimony through music. She is the sweetest!

The lengths I go to try and get some sleep! Haha!
Another one of my favorites of my Savior.


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