Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference!

Oh I sure hope everyone had the chance to watch or listen to General Conference! I absolutely LOVED it! Those wonderful people who spoke to us are definitely inspired of God. There are always things that are
said at Conference that are just for me - Sister Nicole Guilott - and I love it! I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father gives us a prophet and apostles to help lead us and guide us through this crazy thing called life. It's funny how much more excited I was for General Conference as a missionary. I have always loved it, but as a missionary it has become that much more exciting. Revelation is amazing! And I love receiving it through hearing our sweet prophet speak. :)

This was a slower week, but never fear! We still got things done! Tuesday, we went over to Patsy's and helped her clean her house, which is where we decided to let her cut our hair. Mine is always frizzy and gross here in Washington, so I let her cut it off.

Doesn't it look good? Haha it was a wig we found for April fools day. We weren't sure if it looked real or not, but one can always hope. ;) Throughout the week, we visited Marjorie periodically, the Rodriguez's often, and a few other people who were always happy to see us. Have I mentioned how much I love the people here? Everyone we meet with is so wonderful! Very nice, very genuine, and very willing to learn.

We had some really great tracting experiences even though we didn't always have time for tracting. We met a wedding dj named Frank, who is a very faithful Christian, but would love to learn about our church and try it out. :) We gave him a Book of Mormon and he took it with excitement! He asked our full names and said he would pray for us to have good health and strength. It was very sweet and a great thing to hear from a perfect stranger. We also met a woman named Mia who we made a return appointment with for Wednesday. She also took a Book of Mormon and said she would begin reading it before we came on
Wednesday. What a sweetheart she is. I'm telling you, these people are amazing!

We contacted a few former investigators this week to meet them for the first time and see if we could teach them or just meet with them frequently. One was Tara, and she said she would love to have us over and get to know us. We are going there tonight at 6 for our first official appointment with her. It will be great! Another former investigator we contacted was Theone. She is an older lady who has a bunch if schnauzers (which reminded me of Coraline - the two actresses that have a bunch of scottie dogs?). She grooms them, breeds them, and shows them, so when we went over to visit her, she gave us some puppies to hold while she worked on grooming a few. It was nice. Smelled pretty awful, but I won't ever turn down the opportunity to hold a puppy. :) She also said we could come back and teach her. We just love increasing our teaching pool!

On Friday, we had the opportunity to have interviews with our Mission President. We get them every other transfer, so this was my second one. He is such an amazing man! I could not have asked for a better Mission President. He is inspired, and he has such strength! I love him, and I am super glad I got to talk to him one on one for a short few minutes. He really is great.

On Saturday, we went to Sister Archer's home to watch the Saturday Sessions of Conference with her family and with our recent convert Elizabeth. It was great! I made sure to French braid my hair and pluck my eyebrows in honor of my aunt Linda Marie before we went over there. :P She always watches Conference with us, and my eyebrows always get plucked and my hair French braided. So yeah. They also had one of those wonderful hot chocolate makers that we bought just before I left on my mission! I had to take a picture because I'm sure Caroline has been using that thing like crazy. Haha!

On Sunday, we went with Elizabeth to Bonnie Wallace's house to watch Conference. She made cinnamon rolls! I was so happy! General Conference wouldn't be the same without cinnamon rolls! It was great because I got to keep all of my Conference traditions this time around. :)

This week was wonderful, and General Conference was the main reason why! I love hearing divine inspiration from those who hold those special keys! I love this Gospel and the fact that we have the Prophet
of God to lead us. I am in love with the people here, and as always, I look forward to this week and the good things it will bring me! I love you all and will write again next week!


Sister Nicole Guilott

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