Monday, July 28, 2014

There Is Only Up From Here!

Alright everybody, lots has happened since I last wrote you. Before I say anything, I have to thank you for your support and for your prayers in my behalf. They have definitely been received and answered! I have felt the effects of prayers sent from you, and I am so grateful for them. They are so appreciated, and I wish I could thank you all individually and hug each of you, but I can't. So just know that I love you and am continually grateful for your love and support!
"Saying Goodbye to my lovely Sister Duff.  I will miss her, but
La Center, Washington is blessed to have her. :)"
Transfers happened! And I received another one of the most amazing people I have ever met in the whole world. Her names is Sister Cone, and she is wonderful. We are VERY similar, and she has been the best thing for what has been happening this past week. When I say we are very similar, I pretty much mean we are the same person. We are ALWAYS thinking the same thing, we sing the same songs, and we definitely dance to the same tune. She is a fighter, and so am I. This transfer is going to be AWESOME!!!

This week was a bit slower than usual... As you are aware, something has not been quite right with me physically as of late. Last week I had the GI Scope, and this week I had a CT Scan and a 5th round of blood tests. Unlike the last few tests, the scan actually gave us some answers! Woo Hoo! I have what's called mesenteric lymphadenitis. Which means that my mesentaries (the little tissues that hold your intestines to your body) are enflamed and rock hard. Well actually the lymphnodes in them are enflamed and rock hard, which is what is causing me all the pain. There is no treatment, but the good news is that my most recent blood tests have shown that my liver is chilling out, which means that the sickness and virus and such is leaving my body, so the pain should follow suit pretty soon. Yay!!! Your prayers have been heard and they are definitely being answered. Again, thank you so so much!
"Moment of Truth!"
They tried to send me home, but because my liver is doing better and I am still ready to work, I am able to stay. It was quite the miracle. Know that I am A-Okay and that things are really looking up. I am going to be completely healed within the next week or two, and this area is going to have to prepare itself, because Sister Cone and I are going to ROCK IT!!! She has already taught me something huge, yet something I already knew. Tell everyone the good about them. Sister Cone is an expert at this. We will be walking through the grocery store, or tracting, or parked at a stop light and she will go out of her way to say things like, "You are absolutely gorgeous." or "You have a fantastic smile!" or "You are a beautiful person." She says those things to random strangers ALL the time, and I love it. I need to get better at telling people they are great. Because everybody is great, and everybody deserves to hear it every once in a while. Pay someone a compliment today, because you never know who you are going to influence.

I apologize for the shortness of this email, but we are going to go have a super fun Pday with our zone today, so I must be off. I PROMISE next week I will have a better post for you to read, but for now, I have to go. Have a phenomenal week, and I shall talk to you next Monday! I love you I love you I love you! Don't forget it!

Love Always,

Sister Nicole Guilott

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