Monday, August 4, 2014

365 Days to Change the World

Before we came to Earth, we were all together in God's presence. ALL of us. Every single person who has ever and will ever live on this Earth was in Heaven with our Father before this Earth life. He
presented His plan for us, and all of the people who have ever been on Earth ALL chose His plan. We knew that His plan for us was good, and that it was right. So we chose His plan. We chose to come to Earth and learn and grow so that we could eventually return to live with Him again and be more like Him. He is our FATHER and we all already know Him as such. He is a loving Father who knows each of us by name. Knows us by our personalities, our decisions, our acts of service and our love we show to others. We each have a relationship with Him! Yet there are so many people out there in the world that claim to "not believe in God," or who simply "don't know" that He exists. But they do already know He exists and loves them! Each of our spirits knows our God with an intimate understanding of His role in our existence! We know Him as our Father, our creator, and a man who loves and understands us perfectly. We all already know! 1 John 4:19 says, "We love him, because he first loved us." The only thing that we have to do in order to remember this, is search for it. It's there in our minds, it really is! It just takes a desire to know, a heart willing to ask for help, and patience as we search for that knowledge, or that memory. We can ask our Father Himself for His guidance and direction as we seek a restored memory of His love for us. We must pray...


As a missionary, that is my role. I am helping people come to a point where they can humble themselves enough to search for what they already know. What they have known since before this Earth was even created! We must have the desire to know, a softened heart that is ready to act on the answer we receive, and a willingness to submit to the will and timing of God pertaining to an answer. President Ezra Taft Benson said in the October General Conference in 1985 that "When you choose to follow Christ, you choose to be changed." Choosing to follow Him allows your heart and mind to be changed, and allows that memory of His everlasting love for you to slip back in. God loves us! And He will help us remember when the time is right. For some, it takes a long long time before they are ready and can realize the love God has for them, and for others it is
immediate. This new Mormon Message that came out recently depicts what I am trying to say almost perfectly.

                                The Hope of God's Light

Isn't that beautiful? It took Todd 2 years from the first time he acted on his desire to know to get his answer! 2 years! His answer came when God knew he was ready, and his answer was made that much
more powerful because of the years and years of wandering before he was even ready to ask. My favorite line in the whole thing is when he says, "It is part of our condition as mortals to sometimes feel as though we are surrounded by darkness. But even though we may feel lost, that God promises to illuminate the way before us, no matter how long it takes." God has such an intricate plan for each and every one of us, and He knows that we will receive an answer when we are ready. I love having the chance to help God's children come to the realization of who they are, and who God is to them! There is no better feeling than bringing someone to the knowledge of a long lost memory. You all know what it feels like to be loved by God, your Father from the beginning, but not all of you can remember it... If you don't remember yet, seek it out! I beg of you! Pray. Ask others for help along the way. Your answer will come.

Today is August 4, 2014. That means that I have exactly 365 more days to bring people to remembrance. The past 6 months have changed me for the better, but God's plan for us isn't confined to a time limit, 6 months is just the beginning! I still have so much more room to progress! As do we all. Today marks day one in the best year of my life thus far! I need to step up to the plate and swing with all my might! This year, I will continue on the upward slope to becoming the person God wants me to be; reaching my potential and helping others to realize their own path and potential as well! I am determined to make God proud and to feel amazing while doing so. After all He has done for me, I should do my best to show Him that all His work has not been in vain. :) My mission is a third of the way over, but that just means I have two thirds left to improve myself! I can't wait!

This was a great week! We taught lots of lessons and saw many miracles, as we do every week. :) One of our investigators was a missionary this week and invited her friend to repent of the sins that
were burdening him down and strive to come unto Christ. She promised him that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ he could feel peace and could be freed from the guilt and shame that he feels. She invited him to church! Isn't that wonderful? She is so amazing. I love seeing the progression these people are making, and witnessing their testimonies come forth. It's beautiful!

On Thursday, we were able to have lunch with Sister Archer and Meg from Lacamas Creek! Oh, it was so good to see them! So many good things have been happening with them, and it was wonderful to have the chance to catch up. I'm so glad they haven't forgotten me! There are some super good missionaries there in Lacamas Creek right now (Sister Rasmussen is training), so I know the work is going well. :)

I love these ladies!
On Friday, we had another great lunch! Delanie, Aaron and Delanie's grandma, Matjie came and we met up at Applebee's for lunch! It was so fun! I'm so glad I got to see them and talk about my mission with them face to face. I'm so grateful that I have such phenomenal friends. I am surrounded by so many wonderful people who have set such a great example for me throughout my life, and every time I am with those people, I can feel the love God has for me in blessing me with such good friends and family. Thank you all for being amazing and having such an uplifting role in my life!

Sister Cone and I are working hard, I promise! We are teaching lots of people, seeing miracles daily, and testifying always! These pictures might say otherwise, but I promise we are working! On Pday last week, the zone went to Salt and Straw for ice cream again, so of course we got "Cones!" Hehehe... We're so funny. Clearly Pday was a day of feasting, because we also got yumminess from Starbucks. I love their mint white hot chocolate! But don't worry, in the midst of all our feasting, we found food that related to the scriptures! There is a carmel sauce called "Alma!" Eh? Eh?


The next day we realized the error of our ways, and decided we were going to be healthy. So we did crazy things like make our own hummus! We were quite proud, and we've been pretty healthy since then! Life is good. I absolutely adore Sister Cone. She has been such a great example to me. It's weird to think we've only been together for a week and a half!
That's right, we made this hummus from SCRATCH!
There are so many things to be grateful for. This weekend made me suddenly so incredibly grateful for... EVERYTHING. For the person I was, the mistakes I made and the lows that I felt. For the friends that I have had. Like Todd Sylvester, the bad experiences have helped me to better appreciate the marvelous work of The Lord, and the miraculous relief that the Atonement can bring. I'm grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. For the Holy Ghost and His friendship and constant companionship. For my mission and the many ways it is changing me... I'm so grateful for God. He loves me and He is changing me every day into the person we both know I can become. Am I repeating myself too much? I just love this whole experience so so much! We had a wonderful week, and I can't wait to share with you how the next 365 days go! I'm
sure that as I continue to have a desire to serve my Father in Heaven, miracles will not cease, and blessing will continue to be poured out upon the people of the Washington Vancouver Mission. "The truth of God will go forth ... till the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the Great Jehovah shall say the work is done!"


Sister Nicole Guilott

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