Monday, August 18, 2014


During all the best live theatrical productions, there is always a break in the middle of the show called an "intermission," where the actors prepare for the second act, the audience gets a chance to use the restroom and relax for a minute so that they are then energized and prepared for the rest of the show, and everyone anxiously anticipates what is going to happen next. The second act is always the best part! The climax happens, the tears roll, and the grand finale brings the entire production to a wonderful close. I say this because that is where I am at right now. I am in the midst of the "intermission" of my 18 month mission. After a few visits to the hospital the last couple weeks, and strict orders to rest it all off, my mission President and I decided it would be a faster and more effective recovery from home. So that is where I am. Home.

Here is what is happening: I was diagnosed with Mesenteric Lymphadenitis. It is a viral infection that I have had for the past couple of months. It's extremely painful, but the worst seems to be over. I have been home since last Monday, to rest and let the swelling go down. The plan right now is that I go back on September 2nd, the day before transfers. So don't you worry! The pain is already subsiding, the swelling is going down, I am getting more sleep (FINALLY), and I am starting to have a little more energy. My doctors here are very optimistic that I will be back in the field before you know it!

On Monday, before I flew home, we went as a zone to the Adidas employee store in Portland and bought some nifty stuff. I love my zone! Here's a few pictures of my companions and I, and then the remaining members of the zone who stuck around for a picture. :)

Fun, huh? It was a nice Pday to end "Act 1" with. :) This week has been pretty cool too actually. Even though I am home and am temporarily released, missionary work continues on and miracles have not ceased! I have had multiple opportunities to teach and help invite people to come closer to Christ since being here. There are 2 potential baptisms happening that could possibly take place during the couple weeks I am home that I get to help out with, so that's nice! God knows me so well. :)

OH! A cool experience that I should share happened when I was at the airport waiting to get on my plane... I was standing at my gate, probably looking a little dumb because I was having "separation from a constant companion anxiety," when a very nice man asked me about my mission. I had been praying for comfort and love when he started talking to me, and he interrupted my prayer. :P We got talking and he said his name was Mitch from Mesa, Arizona and he was a convert to the church and had a daughter out on a mission. We talked for about 20 minutes, and when it came time to board the plane, he told me to take his seat in first class so that I could have some room to "stretch my legs." I wanted to cry. I had never flown anywhere in front of the wings of the plane before, let alone in first class, and here this man was offering me his seat so that I could fly comfortably. I him he didn't have to do that, and he said, "If my daughter were on her way home from her mission, I would hope someone would do the same for her." I hope someone does the same for his daughter too. What a nice man! He was an answer to my prayer, and I hadn't even said, "Amen" yet.

Pretty cool, right? God answers prayers! Not usually so immediately, at least not usually for me, but He answers every single prayer. Every last one of them. I love knowing that my prayers are most often answered through the words or actions of other people. It helps me to recognize the beauty of other people and the spirit that resides with them whether they know it or not. Always strive to follow the promptings of the spirit! You never know how it might help someone and be an answer to their prayer. :)

These next pictures were some fun ones my companions took while I was in the hospital on the 8th. Don't be alarmed, I am being silly in most of them. Haha!

President coming in on his Pday all protective and father-like.
I love that man. (That's me huddled over in the wheelchair...)

Clearly I don't feel too good...

All puffy and swollen with my beautiful companions
who stayed with me the whole time. :)

Sister Cone blew up a glove and then Sister Kearl
pretended it was an utter... I milked her. 

Taking me away to do some tests. Fun stuff those tests.
Gotta have a little fun in intense situations, right? You know me though, I turn everything into something fun for myself. Haha! I am so grateful that my Heavenly Father knows as well as I do that my mission is nowhere near over. I have been released, but I have done my best to stick with missionary life. Getting up at the right time, studying my scriptures, praying A LOT, and not doing worldly things like watching movies or listening to popular music. My focus is still missionary work (and rest of course), and Heavenly Father knows that that is the right place to be. He has provided plenty of opportunities for me to serve Him and help to continue the work here in Pleasant Grove so that my focus will remain the same as it would if I was in Vancouver or Portland. That helps me to remember that He wants me to go back just as badly as I do, and because of faith and prayers, I am finally starting to feel better! Resting is the best thing I could be doing right now, and as is this is the intermission, I am anxiously anticipating the second act of the show! I am going to go back out there with power, faith, and the strength to work hard! I am so excited to see the climax and the grand finale of this wonderful 18 month adventure! Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers in my behalf and for the support that is being shown. I love you all, and I am so excited to be able to serve God with my full energy and dedication to His work without having to worry about healing my body. I'll be sure to update you next week!

Love Always,

Sister Nicole Guilott

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