Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Slow And Steady Wins the Race, Right?

Unfortunately, this week was incredibly slow again. Not as slow as
last week, but pretty slow. Walking is hard! Especially since we are
white washed, so neither of us know what to do, where to go, or who to
call to help us. It is slowly picking up in pace though, so no
worries, baptisms will happen here, I promise! We asked the ward if
any of them have bikes that they could spare for us, and a few have
offered to lend some to us, so we may or may not be getting bikes. It
wouldn't be much of a difference, but at least we could cover more
ground if we had some way to get around besides our own feet. We'll

We had a few pretty fun things going on this week despite how slow it
was work-wise. The first one is that I got to see Meg and the boys! We
went out to ice cream with them! I cannot tell you how much I love
being so close to my first area. I get to see people from there
whenever they can basically, and I adore each and every one of them!
They are such wonderful people. It feels like I was JUST there in
their home teaching Meg about the Book of Mormon for the first time,
and now they read it together just about every night! I am continually
amazed by the effect that the spirit has on people. My testimony of
it's power and truth grows bigger and stronger each and every day,
especially out here on my mission where I am able to witness the
spirit working in every person we teach. Ya know what I noticed this
week? I've gotten so in the habit of saying "we" rather than I, and I
have just now discovered the real and legitimate reason for that
phrase! "We" implies me and my companion, but really "we" means me, my companion, and God. Me and my companion don't bring people knowledge of the Gospel, but "we" (us and the spirit/God) sure do! Anyway, that was just kind of a realization I had. Thought I'd share.

We had a super cool service opportunity that involves all of Clark
County! It's the "Clark County Day of Service" where everyone signs up
for a different service project and goes to work on one specific
Saturday. Our ward signed us up for what is called "Open House
Ministries" which is a service fair run by another church. Basically
homeless people and less fortunate people come and get a free meal,
ice cream, photo booth, hair cut, face paint, and a bunch of other
stuff. It was super cool! And since we had our name tags on, a bunch
of people asked us who we were, why we were there and all of the good stuff that comes with it. We were able to teach a few lessons while we were there, and people listened so intently! We were there for about 2 hours, and life was good! Woo Hoo for service!
We had a super awesome zone meeting this week too. We had a training about how to spend time wisely, and the Elder giving the training pointed out some crazy interesting things. We are on our missions for 5,840 hours (sisters). But when you take away time for Pdays, zone meetings, zone conferences, leadership meetings, study, sleep, meal times, etc. etc. we only get to spend maybe 3,000 hours proselyting. That is if we maximize our time and do everything we can to be effective missionaries. Crazy, huh???

This upcoming week is going to be so amazing. We have interviews with President, a temple trip, maybe getting bikes, and a bunch of other
wonderfully perfect things that are going to happen because we are
going to continue to be diligent and work our little tails off! I love
this work so so much, and I am remaining faithful and trekking forward
in the work of salvation. I love you! Talk to you next week!


Sister Guilott

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