Monday, April 20, 2015

Saturday's Warriors :)

This week was wonderful.  Marvelous.  Phenomenal.  Miraculous!  It was a GOLDEN weekend!  The first part of the week was slow and uneventful, and I got discouraged, but the weekend was something else.  I had been praying all week very hard for a miracle or two, and on Saturday, God answered my prayer!  I'm just going to list the miracles that happened on Saturday so you can get a glimpse of why I am so happy! :)

1. The woman we have been teaching who is now on date for May 30th has had ONE hold up the entire time she has been taught - her husband. He isn't active, and he doesn't really like missionaries, so she has been patiently waiting for him to return to activity before she decides to get baptized. Well, she was our first appointment on Saturday morning, and her husband was there! We talked with him the whole time, and I think he decided he liked us by the end. Maybe it had something to do with our shared love for the Fast and the Furious... I dunno. Could be. Haha! He was receptive to our teaching, and I think it helped his wife feel better about baptism!

2. We were going around trying some potential investigators who were in our Area Book, and we decided to try one named Martha. We had planned to try her on Sunday, but I thought why not try her now? So we did. Well, Martha doesn't live at the address they had listed, but a sweet girl named Valerie does! We told her who we were, and she was super excited! She said she wanted to come to church with us on Sunday (she didn't, but she took a Book of Mormon and said she wants to come back and teach her more)! We are excited to teach her!

3. We went and visited some new members who are currently living in a motel off the freeway... The miracles is that with Russian Mafia, hookers, and drug dealers ALL over the motel, we didn't die. :)

4. We contacted 3 referrals and got return appointments with all of them! Yeah for new people added to our teaching pool!

5. We went to teach some members, and ended up teaching 2 of the 11 nonmembers that live in the house. We are going back tonight to teach them again! So many new people to teach!

6. I have been praying fervently for help with one of my goals for months now. I have been asking and asking and asking and asking, and yet I have come no closer to achieving it... Friday night I said a prayer and made a sort of bargain with Heavenly Father (I was almost giving up... This kind of prayer is not acceptable normally) where I promised Him that I would not waste a single second of the rest of my mission if He would grant me the blessings I "needed" and that I have been asking for for months. This kind of thing doesn't just happen, so I knew I wouldn't really get a solid answer, but Saturday night at dinner, the member we were eating with just happened to mention something that she had attained that previous week that was a duplicate of one she already had, so she didn't need it any more and wondered if we wanted it. What she had was EXACTLY what I needed! God answered my prayer in the absolute best way possible. My companion knows about his goal, and so when the member gave us this gift, we both got emotional because we knew that God was answering me. After we left dinner, we sat in the car and cried because of what a miracle this was. We then said a prayer of gratitude, and told our Heavenly Father that because He had held up His end of the deal, we would do our part too. 

Ever since then, I have been nothing but happy, and we have been working our tails off! On Saturday, we became warriors fighting as hard as we can to counteract the evil that is out there, and we will not hold back! Every little thing seems like the worlds biggest blessing now, and I have never been so focused on the work all my mission. I hate that statement because it means I wasn't working as hard as I could before now, but I am finally able to see what God expects of me, and I know that He wants to bless me and answer my prayers. He wants us to be happy, not miserable! But that only comes when we do our part. We promised Him before we even came to this earth that we would be His disciples and follow Him. The more we strive to keep that promise, the more He blesses us! Have a wonderful week and find someone to serve! I love you!

Love Always,

Sister Nicole Guilott

P.S. Pictures!
"Our new child."
"Doesn't he look like me?"
"Classic Washington."
"And MORE classic Washington."
"Don't ask why my head is that way...I dunno either."

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