Monday, March 17, 2014

I Love the Spirit!

What a glorious week this has been! Filled with so many miracles and countless blessings! Last Monday, we went shopping with Elizabeth to get her a new skirt and shirt to wear at her baptism on Saturday! We were successful, and we all ended up purchasing one thing or another for ourselves. :P Remember how I hate shopping? Well that has changed. Shopping is incredibly fun all of a sudden. Haha!

Sister Major and I were oh so worried about receiving the mail on Friday, for that was the day of transfer letters... We opened the mailbox, shuffled through the mail, and to our delight we didn't have a single letter for either of us!!! It was the only day that we were actually excited to not get any mail. We are staying here in Lacamas Creek together for at least another 6 weeks! Everybody celebrate! I cannot even begin to explain how happy we are that we are staying here in Lacamas Creek. I would have been thoroughly upset if I had to have two different trainers. After this next transfer, I'll be done training! I'll no longer be a Greenie! Isn't that wonderful? I think so.

This week, at a members house for dinner, we talked about Disney. No surprise there. They said they had this fun game called "Headbands" that I had never heard of, so we played it and turned it into a lesson. :) It was wonderful. There was one round where I had Maleficent!!! I was very excited. In case you can't tell.

We got a grand total of 30 lessons taught this week! It was a great week full of teaching. We brought a lovely girl from Colorado, who was visiting family in the stake, with us to a few appointments this week to prepare her for her own mission coming up in a few months. She will be a wonderful missionary. We also exceeded all of the "Standard of Excellence" goals for the mission this week. That was nice. On Saturday, President Taylor challenged everyone in the mission to find 2 new investigators by the next night. Freaked everyone out for a minute, but then we were all very excited about it and ready to go to work! We found our 2 (actually 3) new investigators on Sunday night. One was a potential who had asked us to come back another time, and the other was also a potential, but she had a friend over who was interested as well! Miracles happen my friends, miracles happen.

The absolute best part of this week was by far Elizabeth's baptism and confirmation. I have felt the Spirit plenty of times in my life, but WOW! The feeling of the Spirit was a zillion times stronger at her baptism! It was one of those rare occasions where you feel like you could almost touch it. Or cut right through it! It flooded the room so quickly, and everyone there could feel the intense strength the Spirit had as Elizabeth was baptized and washed clean.

Elizabeth has such a sweet heart, and you could physically see the difference in her eyes after she was baptized. Her confirmation the next day had the same effect. She was nervous to be in front of people, but glowing with happiness after she received the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. We are so proud of her, and so grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost and the strength that it brings us. We are all floating on cloud 9 this week as we were able to witness this beautiful experience. I am grateful that God finds ways to remind me every day of His glory, His mercy, and His love. I love my mission!

Love Always,

Sister Guilott

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