Monday, October 20, 2014

Ba Ba Ba Ba - I'm Lovin' It!‏

Okay okay okay. President Taylor is ALWAYS right. He follows inspiration like none other, and I am very grateful for that. I was SO upset that I was having to leave my area of Evergreen and my phenomenal companion who I just love so dearly, but God knows best. My new area is wonderful. Not very rich, but that makes the people more humble and better prepared for the Gospel. My new companion, Sister Borchardt, is amazing. She is very down to earth, but also has a silly side, like me! Isn't she cute?

We are very hard workers, and I am so glad that we have been put together right now. This transfer is going to be wonderful! We had 23 lessons since I got here on Wednesday, so the work is really progressing and people are ready for the Gospel! We had a miracle already too. A big one. About 3 weeks ago, Sister Borchardt and her companion were at the church for something when the church phone rang. Ya know, the one on the wall that no one ever uses. Anyway, they answered the phone, and on the other line was a man who said he didn't know why, but he was seeking truth, and he thought it was in our church... WHAT?! They taught him twice over the phone, but he lived in Olympia, so they sent the referral over to the missionaries up there. However, he was moving! Guess where he moved? Here to Vancouver! In our area! We talked to him on the phone again on Friday, and he said that he wanted to be baptized. He came to church and he is the SWEETEST man in the whole world. His name is Austin. He was kind and wonderful at church, and he is very excited to learn even more and progress towards baptism. Isn't that great? I love love love what this work entails. Miracles around every corner, and happiness all the time!

Saying goodbye to Evergreen was hard. I loved it there so much! And SO much was happening! But that's okay, because God's work will go forward no matter what. One of our sweet investigators in Evergreen is on date for baptism for November 15th, so we will be going back to attend that. :) This is her on the right, Alexis. Her best friend and fellowhipper, Olivia, is on the left.

We became close friends with many of the members in that ward too. The picture with the jelly and jello in a jar comes from a member who I told our cousin Michael Pickard's story about the jiggling of his companions fat to make him angry. They thought it was hilarious and every time we went over they would imitate grabbing each others tummies and jiggling. So they gave us jelly and jello for "anger emergencies only." It was cute. :) 

Grandma Andersen (an awesome lady in Evergreen who would always drive us around last minute) took us out to eat 2 days in a row. The first was at the Stardust Diner, which was super adorable, and the second was at Applebee's. They are so fun! Brother Andersen was in Twilight because he has a bunch of vintage looking cars, so I took a picture with one of the cars that was in Twilight. He told us stories of eating lunch on set with Rob Pattinson and Kristen "what's her name? She was always dead looking." Haha they're the best.

Sister Nuffer. I don't know if I have talked about her before, but I adore her with all my life. She is so much fun, and she would always me and Lammi's back if we needed her for something. This picture is of the 3 of us with her husband and her dog, Wendy. I love Nuffuffer! The picture after that is with all the missionaries in the Evergreen Ward and our Ward Mission Leader's family. That ward was just so great! I'm gonna miss it a lot. 

This new area though... I have never been so excited for an area right off the bat than I am for this one. There is SO much work to be done, and so much success is going to be seen here. I can FEEL it everywhere we go: people are begging to be brought to Christ. Truly. The ward is small with only 32% activity, but it is so wonderful! Sister Borchardt was telling me that we teach a Bible Study class for people who are just out of rehab at a rehabilitation center every Tuesday night. :) I am very excited for that tomorrow. Also, we have a few investigators at a Mental Institution nearby, and we are allowed to go to the hospital in our area to teach those who ask for it. It's all very exciting! It was funny because since being here, especially on Sunday when I met the majority of the ward, everyone knew me by my video. :P It was kind of strange... but a good strange of course! My Bishop said he shared it in BYC and told everyone in 3rd hour at Priesthood to go home and watch it. It's so much fun! 

Ultimately, I'm a tad bit embarrassed about my whining and complaining from last week... Yes, I'm sad to not be in Evergreen, but I am much too excited about this new area to even worry about it! I love this work so so much, and I am so grateful for the chance I have to serve here in the Vancouver 1st Ward. This transfer is going to be AMAZING! And guess what? Next week is my 9 months! Woot Woot!

Love Always,

Sister Nicole Guilott

P.S. I found a magnifying glass. 

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