Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I have never felt more shock and surprise in my life. The positive kind of shock and surprise that is. I've never felt so many different emotions over the course of one week either! Shock and surprise, excitement, pain and hurt, humility, charity and love, confusion, gratitude, and so much more! This week was just packed with all sorts of craziness and goodness all over the place!

It started off with a super fun Pday activity, which was hiking through the Ape Caves, or the lava tunnels of St. Helens! It. Was. AWESOME!!! We were crawling through crevices between rocks, hiking piles of rock, free climbing little but steep cliffs in the middle of the caves, and praying the dumb volcano didn't decide to erupt. It was pitch black dark the whole time which was SO cool, and I basically felt like Gollum throughout the duration of our hike. When we came out at the top, I felt like I wanted to crawl back into my cave with my fellow Smeagul's and hide there till pday was over. Haha! Nah, it was super fun all the way around. And we went with 3 zones, so that made it even better!
"On our way to the caves!"
"Coming out of the cave!"
"We did it!" 
"The 3 zones after we conquered the caves!"
We had at least 3 very cool spiritual experiences this week. The first one was on Wednesday, when we had a lesson with one of our newest investigators, Sam! She was so sweet and listened intently to the whole lesson, asking good questions and talking about things that she wanted. Like a good relationship with God, and to follow Him. Her great grandmother (who she lives with) was there the whole time, and contributed wonderfully by bearing her testimony about prophets and helping Sam to see that she can receive an answer for herself. It was great! By the end of the lesson, we had set her on date for baptism for October 25th! Woo Hoo! She really is the sweetest girl ever. After the lesson, I helped her with her math homework, which was really refreshing. I love math now that I don't have to worry about a grade!

The following evening, we had a lesson with a less active family in the ward. I think I talked about them a little bit last week... The Jenkins? Well they are AWESOME. I love going to their house because they always have such fun things to talk about. Brother Jenkins is a fan of making wacky foods, so he said they would have us over for dinner sometime and I could try things like cow tongue and goat stew and what not. Anyway, we talked about Helaman 5:12 (my favorite scripture), and it was a pretty powerful lesson. At the end, we invited Xander (the 11 year old) to be baptized on November 15th, and he said he'd be willing to work towards that. We are so excited! He's such a sweet kid, and it will be so nice to teach him while also teaching his whole family. I love it!

After that lesson, we went over to a dear Sisters house in the ward who needed a blessing. She is one of my favorite people. Her name is Nikkii Trana and I adore her! Our ward mission leader, Brother Hardy, gave her the blessing, and I am so glad I was there! I can't exactly remember everything that was said, but it was a POWERFUL blessing! I do remember him saying that Nikkii knew Sister Lammi and myself in the pre-existence and that is why she had such a strong connection to the two of us. That was pretty cool. But anyway, the feeling in the room while he was giving her that blessing was something else. A very special experience that I will cherish forever. Not to say that all blessings aren't spiritual and powerful, but this one was just... different.

Nikkii was kind enough to lend us two of her bikes and helmets, so we have been riding bikes for the past few days! It has been SO. FUN. We enjoy it a little too much. Haha! I didn't take any pictures this week, but I'll be sure to post some next time!

On Friday, we had exchanges, and this was one of the best ones ever! I was with Hermana Villalobos here in Evergreen, and Sister Lammi went with Hermana Clanton to their "area" (aka all of Vancouver). It was so fun! And so enlightening too! Here's a picture of the 4 of us afterwards:

By the time we went on exchanges, my parody video had been up for like 4 days, and it was viral! That is the reason I've been so shocked and surprised! While I was home during that 3 week period, my dearest Auntie Linda Marie showed me the song, "All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainorand I LOVED it! I had been thinking about what ways we could, as missionaries, better share the Gospel on the internet, and this song kind of jumped at me. It fit so perfectly with "All About That Book," so I HAD to turn it into a parody. And I have the perfect companion to do it with! We were kind of just expecting to put it on Facebook to show the missionaries in our mission and maybe some friends and family who would take the time to watch our silly little video... We were never expecting it to go VIRAL!!!! We are super grateful it did though! Oh, here it is, just in case you haven't had the chance to see it yet.

It's okay, right? We sure had fun making it! The reaction to this video has been wonderful! People asking for copies of the Book of Mormon, asking to take the discussions, wanting to know more about who we are and what we are about! That was exactly the intention! Please share with all that you know, and invite them to read this wonderful book! It WAS on YouTube, but we were asked to remove it for now. So if you would like to share it through a link, just give the link above that takes you to my Facebook page. Sorry about the inconvenience! But we strive for exact obedience because it brings miracles!

The reaction to this video has also helped me discover some of the things that I should do with the rest of my life. It's amazing the inspiration God gives us through things that are important to us. He knows me perfectly, and the way He has answered my prayers this past week has been almost unbelievable. I am baffled by His love for me and His desire for me to find happiness. I love Him so much.

General Conference was by far the best part of the week! Yes, better than having my video become viral. Every single talk from General Conference applied exactly to me and the questions I had about what I was feeling. I had been thinking that maybe I discovered what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, and General Conference not only confirmed that it was right, but also gave me instructions on exactly how to get started and how to keep God involved. It was my favorite General Conference ever! Well... I mean, they're all good, but this one just applied so completely to what I was asking God. Not just one or two talks, but every last one of them! It was so good!!!!
"Keeping up the tradition of Cinnamon Rolls on Conference Day!  Never mind Bonnie's
ubber creepy shadow is in the background...haha!  Halloween's acomin' I suppose!"
I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father and for the immense love He has for me. I know that He knows me perfectly and that He answers prayers. This week has been such a testament of that! I PROMISE that He knows you and He wants you to come to Him in prayer so that He might be able to show you more clearly that He loves you. This was a week of discovery and heightened emotion, and it couldn't have been better. I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Love Always,

Sister Guilott

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