Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Broken Hearts and New Starts

The title of this post automatically makes you sad doesn't it? I'm sorry... But it's for good reason. Because there really truly are at least 2 broken hearts here in Vancouver, Washington... That would be myself and my dear companion Sister Lammi. We are broken hearted. Transfer letters came... And we are both being transferred... She is one of my best friends! I adore her, and now we are being separated! We really thought we would be together for a long time because we were white washed into the area, but it's only been a transfer, and now they are not even having Sisters in this Ward... Just Elders. We are so sad. We've been in mourning ever since we found out. So yes, we have broken hearts, but the good news is that we will still see each other because we are in the same mission, and we live close enough to Washington that we can visit these people whenever. It will be fine... Right?

The other reason our hearts are broken is because Samantha fell off date when she found out about us leaving. She isn't comfortable learning about the Gospel from boys her same age... That made us worried that most of our teaching pool will be dropped because most of them are female youth. Either their parents have said no Elders, or they might not feel comfortable talking about spiritual things to
boys... It's so sad.
"My dearest Lammi-Lou and myself.  I'm going to miss her terribly!"
But not everything is miserable! Things in the Evergreen Ward will be okay. The Lord won't leave His children alone to wander, especially after they have found their path toward righteousness and eternal salvation! The good things from this week include the wonderful new film, "Meet the Mormons." We got to go to the mission office on Wednesday and watch the film before it came out in theaters so we could know what it is. It was great! It is very helpful and informative for those who don't really know what we believe or who we are. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend you go see it at least once! Bring someone with you who isn't a member of the church so they can know just how normal we are! It's interesting to find so many people who think we are a cult or weirdies who don't drink soda or watch movies... We are normal people! Anyway, the movie was good, and I am excited to hear what nonmembers think of it. :)

So I guess I should probably tell you where I am being transferred to. :P I am going to the Vancouver West Stake in the 1st Ward with Sister Borchardt. I have heard only good things about her, so it should be good. After a weekend of mourning and pondering the reason for transfers, Sister Lammi and I have realized that this is what needs to happen. There are A LOT of crazy changes going on in the mission as of late, and most of the time things happen that we don't understand. But we don't need to understand. That's the great thing about the Lord: He knows everything and He is always going to put us in places that will be best for us. I sure love Him.

I apologize for this short and sad email, but we are going to be super busy today because of packing, saying goodbye to people, and preparing for transfers. Know that I love this ward and I am sad to be leaving it, but I know that whatever is in store for me next is crucial and where I need to be. I love my mission, and I appreciate all of the support and prayers that you are offering in my behalf. I love you!

Love Always,

Sister Nicole Guilott
"Holding a giant stuffed bear while trying on potential Halloween costumes."
"This is how I feel EVERY time a bird a near me.  I had  to share it because
there have been quite a few "bird scares" this week.  Why do birds hate me?!?!"

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