Monday, January 12, 2015

Full Steam Ahead!

Holy Cow. My mission is AMAZING!!! I just love seeing how inspired President Taylor is. Every single time we have transfers, I'm all upset at first, but within the first week of transfers I'm always like, "This ROCKS!!!" So yeah. I'm loving life right now because although I miss Sister Borchardt and the friendship we have, I am so excited about all the new aspects my new companion, Sister De Leon, has brought to the area. We are SO similar, so we work off of each other incredibly well. All of our lessons feel like conversations. We are not telling people, we are testifying. And we aren't teaching, we are facilitating learning. We ask questions that the people we teach are comfortable answering or struggling with until we help them find the answer, and since we are both confident teachers, we can divide and conquer. We are working right now on having daily splits with members of the Ward so we can double the amount of people we are able to see in a week. It's gonna be AWESOME! I am just so excited about this transfer.  

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time to email today because we are going to have an indoor soccer tournament and then a football game at the indoor place against another zone, so we gotta get this done quick! But we did have quite a few miracles this week. I wish I had time for details, but one of my favorite miracles that happened was when a man named Brandon told us out of nowhere that he wants to be baptized! His girlfriend is a member of the Ward, but she doesn't really believe anything. At least, she puts off that she doesn't believe anything, but they come to church each Sunday for the third hour, so who really knows. She is full of all sorts of swear words and vulgarity every time we go over there, but she has two children! One of which is Brandon's. Anyway, we went over there and she was laughing saying Brandon wanted to become a Mormon, and we kind of giggled, knowing she was joking, but then Brandon spoke up and said quietly, "It's not a joke. I want to be a Mormon." Isn't that incredible?? We can't put him on date yet because they aren't married and they don't know if or when they are going to, but we are teaching him now! It's pretty much the sweetest thing ever. We had a very numerous amount of miracles this week, like teaching people in parking lots, helping prevent an investigator from committing suicide by reading the Book of Mormon with her, and helping an inactive member with her groceries and transportation, but I just don't have time to explain them all! Know that they were all wonderful and amazing, and things are just GREAT as of late (Haha I'm a poet and didn't even know it)! And they're just gonna keep getting better! 

I'm really sorry, but due to the incredulous amount of work we did, I only took one picture this week... Don't hate! I'll do better next week I promise! But this is my dear companion with me and our sweetest Riya. 
I simply cannot express to you how excited I am about the work that is happening in this area. Great things are happening, and more and more are on the brink of breaking through and being awesome! I am so grateful Heavenly Father told me to go on a mission and that He sent me here to Vancouver. I have never been happier, and I know that is because I am doing the work of salvation. The most important work in the history of ever. And I am so excited about it!!! I love you so much, and I hope you are able to feel of the excitement God has for His work, and for the urgency in which He needs it to get done. Have a wonderful week, and I will talk to you again in no time! 

Love Always,

Sister Nicole Guilott 

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