Monday, January 19, 2015

Seeing the Light

Pretty sure this picture describes the title of this post quite accurately. It's interesting how bright any small amount of light can be if we have been stagnant in darkness. I'm not saying that I have been in the dark, but this week I had a very spiritual experience that flashed a little millisecond of a much brighter light directly into my eyes. It was quick, but it was very distinguishable, and it was enough. But before I tell you what it was, I have a couple of other things I want to share. :)

First of all, and probably most important, Erica is getting baptized this upcoming Saturday! Yay!!! She had her interview this weekend, and she is so excited. So are we, of course! I don't think I have ever met anyone who is more dedicated and genuine about their progression in the gospel so quickly than Erica. Lots of people progress, and eventually they are excited about it and looking forward to it, but Erica just had exact obedience and dedication right from the get-go! It's brilliant, and she sets such an example for me. I need to move forward with just as much excitement for the gospel as she has! Oh, how I love her. 

Something cool that happened this week started as we were visiting some of the auxiliaries of the Ward. We met with the primary president and taught her family briefly, and as we left we asked for referrals. She didn't know anyone, but she said her kids had a friend named Ezra who's family might be okay chatting. She told us she wasn't sure exactly which house was theirs though because the kids only ever see each other on the school bus. So we prayed with them and went on our way. We drove up the street a ways, and eventually pulled over so we could get out and walk back to help a middle aged couple pick up tree branches they had just sawed off of a tree in their front yard. They were SUPER hippie, and definitely not interested, but we taught them a little about the Restoration of the Gospel anyway. As we were walking back to our car, another car pulled in to the driveway we were parked by. I had the very loud and distinct prompting to TURN AROUND AND GO TALK TO THEM, so I did. As I turned around, Sister De Leon had turned and starting walking toward them already too (I'm grateful we are both in tune to the spirit and listening). The man's name was Marc, and he was SUPER nice. Turns out he used to be a pastor or something of the RLDS church, and he loves the Book of Mormon. :) We talked to him for a bit, then some neighbors came over and talked to us too (one was a musical theatre obsessed hippie, and the other used to be a manager for a bunch of famous 80's bands that I can't remember he names of), and eventually Marc's son got off the bus and was introduced to us as Ezra. Isn't that awesome?? The referral we had just received moments before was who we had bumped into. Also, Marc's wife happens to be an exercise nut who is islander (as is Sister De Leon). It's just too perfect. God doesn't do random. 

Okay, so back to seeing the light. We had a Zone Meeting this week that was just... Indescribable. I am learning that every time we have a meeting with other missionaries, I walk away feeling incredibly uplifted spiritually, and I get so much out of it every time, so really this is nothing new. However, the glimpse of happiness that I got this time was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Towards the end of the meeting, I started to wander off in my own thoughts of the Savior, of missionary work, of a self-evaluation of how I am doing personally in the Lord's vineyard, etc. etc. when the most amazing thing happened. I was so touched by the spirit, that I saw for just a millisecond how hard I fought and how dedicated I was to the work of Salvation in the pre-mortal life. It was as if God was saying, "Okay Sister Guilott, you fought HARD and with no reservations in your pre-earth life for Christ's Gospel and for truth and righteousness, and if you want it bad enough, you can go forward with that same valiance while here on earth as a missionary. This is your potential, no go and achieve it." It was clear as day. I remembered for just a split second how much I wanted the truth to be brought to everyone, and I felt that same excitement and motivation to help it go forth that I felt in the pre-existence. God has showed me my potential, and now I am going to do everything I can to reach it. I am so pumped! And I am so grateful for everything God has given me in preparing me to do His work. Do everything you can to help Christ's Gospel to go forth! Everything you can! It will bring you more happiness than you can even comprehend. I love you! I'll talk to you next week!

Love Always,

Sister Nicole Guilott

P.S. More pictures. :)
"This is how they do the ring of fire here in Vancouver, Daddy.  I like your contraption better."
"Beautiful Vancouver Sunsets"
"No spanking zone!  Hehe..."
"The band manager guy gave us some healthy food, but we were afraid of it . . . haha!"
"Cutest little dog EVER!  His name was Gary!"
"Love them.  So much."
"Enjoying that tracking life!"

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