Monday, February 9, 2015

Babies, Beanies, and Baptism!‏

This beautiful 10 year old got baptized on Saturday!!! Isn't she adorable? Oh my goodness, I love Riya so so much. I may have already said this before, but she makes me want to be a better missionary. When I think of "the elect" who have been prepared by God for His restored Gospel, I think of Riya Rowley. (Her mom Erica was baptized two weeks ago.) Riya has the most faith I've ever seen in anyone. Anything God tells her to do, she'll do it. No wonder Joseph Smith was only 14 when Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him! He was willing to listen and had the most sincere desire to get an answer. Just like Riya. :) Oh how I love that girl. 
In other news, we had a lot of fun events going on this week. We bought beanies last week at Winco, and every time we wear them we just feel like we are the coolest people on the planet. So we left from our 7 o'clock appointment this Wednesday, and as we were leaving we put on our beanies and started singing this crazy African chant from the Broadway version of "The Lion King" that we have been singing for the past week. It's a great song! But every time we sing it, we get super into the harmonies and the African-ness of it, and this particular time, we had our beanies on so we were even cooler! ;) Anyway, as we are belting this song, we finally notice this woman sitting on her front porch staring at us. We laughed and said hello and it turned into a good lesson! Haha the way Heavenly Father uses us to get people's attention sometimes. I love it. So check out the beanies that we have "so much swag" in. 
The last exciting bit of information involves the Great Chicken Massacre from a couple of months ago... Remember when those stupid raccoons came and ate our chickens? Well... Brother Roniger bought 8 little chicks! He fixing up the coop and it will be ready by the time they are grown, but for now they are living in a box in the garage and they are so cute!!! We named them of course. There's 'Lil Guilott (pronounced Gee-Yo) and 'Lil De Leon. Those are the ones we are holding in the pictures. They're our babies! I'm so happy!!! 

Sister De Leon's toe is for reals broken, and the doctor gave her strict instructions to ice and elevate it as much as possible for a few weeks, so we weren't able to get out much. We went to our scheduled appointments and talked to the people on the streets near them, and our lessons still were up there! We taught 22 lessons this week. Not as good as last week's 38, but we'll get back to that again, hakuna matata. I am so grateful that God helped me to be this happy for such an extended period of time. I know you sometimes think, "she only ever tells us the happy stuff, I want to know the nitty gritty!" But I am telling you the honest truth - I am on cloud 9. I'm sure a lot of that comes from your prayers and support. So thank you! I love you so so much!

Love Always,

Sister Nicole Guilott
"Gotta be prepared!"
"Is this supposed to be a salad?"
"She got a "Missionary in Training" tag that she wears everywhere now.  So cute!"

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