Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Star Wars (Among Some Other Wars...)‏

May the fourth be with you!  Haha how many times have you heard that today? Today is Star Wars day!  How fun. It kinda fits the way this week has gone, because of how hard Sister Depew and I have been fighting to keep going on with the work of salvation!  This week was easily the slowest week of my mission. With several of our investigators out of town, we only taught 4 lessons, and 2 of them were while we were on exchanges with the STL's. I went to their ward, and Sister Depew stayed here.  4 lessons! That's it! It was pretty discouraging, but hey.  We are still fighting the good fight!

We had a super fun Pday today! Sister Depew and I went shopping at some of the outlets here in Troutdale and found some AWESOME deals (so that always feels good - smart shopping), and then we had a zone barbecue at a park! That was super fun. We ate yummy food, played kickball, ultimate frisbee, football, and just chatted. It was a great time. :) I love fun activities like that! Here's a bunch of pictures!
"We are so similar that we even got the same-ish clothes to try on without the other one knowing.  We found it humorous!"
So that was our Pday! Isn't that fun? We sure thought so. :P Though the work was slow this week, we did have a good time. Also, I saw a framed quote by President Monson that said, "Our most significant opportunities will be found in times of greatest difficulty." What a wise man. I really took that to heart. Since we are struggling with the work lately, we are preparing ourselves for any opportunity the Lord gives us teach. Our eyes are wide open, and we are doing our best to prepare ourselves for miracles. :) They are happening every day! Even if the numbers don't always show it. Great things are happening! Small things sometimes, but great nonetheless! 

I love you all and I hope life is just the best. If it's not, get on your knees and pray for your eyes to be opened to the miracles and blessings you are receiving! Again, I love you, and I can not WAIT for Mom Day this Sunday! Talk to you then! :) :) :)

Love Always,

Sister Nicole Guilott 

P.S. You know.
"It is who I am."
"PG should go on Choir Tour in these buses."
"Check out Chipotle and their inspiration messages on the take out bags!"
"My beautiful Columbia River. :) I love my mission."

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