Tuesday, July 21, 2015

At Peace

I don't really know how to explain everything that has happened this week in just one short email...My heart is broken for so many people that have had to deal with what has been happening in their lives lately, but a the same time, I am still seeing miracles and the work is still progressing so I feel good.  It's very confusing. Haha. There were quite a few very drastic things that happened over the past 7 days that have left myself and my companions very exhausted... To sum up - there was a murder, suicide, adultery, evictions, CPS, a recent single convert pregnancy, a gold investigator dropped us in every way (the friendship we had formed he dropped as well(, people staying in their house with their children and changing their minds about who God is, etc.  All very big things.  But the interesting part about it is that although it has been terrible and devastating, I feel calm.  I feel at peace with it all.  It has made me think a lot about the roles of the Holy Ghost.  They are to be the comforter, warn us of danger (or potential commandment breaking), and to testify to us of truth.  I have seen all three of these incredibly prevalent this past week, and I am so grateful that I have been able to grow over the course of my mission enough to be able to RECOGNIZE those gifts of the Spirit.  I hope that you are doing your best to learn how the Spirit talks to you personally, because once you've figured that out, you will never doubt that God is there for you and taking care of you.

I'm super sorry this email is so short, but I have been at a Zone BBQ all day, so I didn't have any time to email. I'll still include pictures though! I love you all and am excited to see you in 2 weeks. :) 

Love Always,

Sister Guilott

P.S. Here they are. :) I got to see my Rodriguez's from Vancouver, we went to an Amish store called "Black Buggy," which is owned by Hermana Stidham's great great cousin. We had a Pioneer Picnic thing as a Stake and the Primary kids marched around the park (it was adorable), I had a paleta for the first time (a Mexican popsicle), and we just had a blast. I love my companions, and I am so grateful that we have each other during all of this craziness to keep each other sane!

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